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Building Information Modeling (BIM)

Logiseek is a global leader in offering BIM services to architectural, engineering and construction industries for the past few years. We have initiated the effective execution of BIM technology that renders detailed pre construction model of a building or any structure and offers a clear visualization virtually before the actual construction takes place. Outcome of our BIM Services is a strong insight into entire Life Cycle Management of the building.

We are expert in accomplishing multiple projects starting from simple BIM assignments to complex ones including Architectural BIM and others. All thoughts and concepts are easily rendered into parametric 3 dimensional models that cater to clients’ needs and also conform to global standards. Keeping pace with the changing time, we also can add fourth dimension of time to the entire project by showing the scheduling of different activities with critical index and slack period for each activity.

In nutshell, Logiseek’s BIM service has allowed the industry to remove RFI as well as conflicts at times of construction, remove clutter that are found on website, facilitate exact prefabrication and also brings improvement in construction quality and offers delivery beforehand. BIM revolution thus changes the entire focus of planning and administration during pre-construction phase.

Our team of Building Information Modeling experts is our greatest asset. They can create rich Building Information Model, with real-time design scenarios and help in minimizing design errors to fit to the sustainability strategy of any project. BIM services include:

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