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Landscape Architectural Design

We can prepare Landscaping drawings if design inputs are provided. These drawings can be very accurately generated if the following steps are followed:

We offer all kinds of services from Logiseek. A complete set of Landscaping Drawings of a similar kind of project is available so that you can get acclimatized with the attractive layering standards, exclusive sheet composition, font types and sizes, all types of notations and tags, numerous plants and details that are mostly preferred at present times.

You can seek clarifications from us through various media like mails, tele-conferences, meeting through internet etc. You can also avail other feasible means like knowledge transfer by being physically present in our client’s office or inviting the client’s representative to our office.

A whole set of Architectural Drawings as well as input of Landscaping Design is being given for your convenience. Our task does not end here. We also prepare a total set of Landscaping Document and that too within the scheduled Turn Around Time.

Total landscape design, complete with position of trees, shrubs and vegetation.

Design for hardscape such as pathways, driveways, other paved areas, and other decorative features like seating, barbeque areas etc.

Landscape Architectural Design