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Rapid Architectural Prototyping Models

Logiseek offers their clients a wide array of rapid prototyping (RP) solutions for any sort of project goals that need advanced, quick as well as precise models and prototypes. We have employed variety of RP processes, right from 3D printing processes like stereolithography, Thermojet2 to selective laser sintering. More traditional subtractive processes like fast CNC machining and also vacuum casting procedure are integral part of our Rapid Architectural Prototyping Models.

Depending on the need of the clients, we also can provide Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM), Room Temperature Vulcanization (RTV), casting for little production runs and what more.

We have put in both state of the art devices and premises for delivering customized and gainful solutions for our customers.

By employing latest technology and knowhow, our experienced team of professionals helps you to enjoy several benefits of rapid prototyping solutions for the Architecture industry that include:

With Rapid Architectural Prototyping model, one could provide on-demand identical sets of physical models. This would dramatically improve communication, increase efficiency and eliminate costly errors.

Since our models can be built in a standard modular fashion, designer finds it easy in reconfiguring the design on the spot

Rapid Prototyping Architectural Models that we create are perfect and one finds no difficulty in creating several copies of them. In this way scaling models is done without any kind of data loss.

The model can be lit from below, thereby offering an amazing aura.

Our RP models fulfill the objective behind creating any model, .i.e. for selling the concept of the building and also the architectural services.