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Structural Design

We can prepare Structural Drawings if design inputs are provided. These drawings can be very accurately generated if the following steps are followed:

We are provided with a complete set of Structural Drawings of any similar completed project, to enable us to acclimatize with the desired layering standards, sheet composition, font types, sizes, types of notations and tags, and type and extent of detailing that is desired.

We obtain further clarification through mails, tele-conferences, net-meetings or knowledge transfer by being physically present in our client’s office or inviting the client’s representative to our office.

The complete set of Architectural Drawings along with Structural Design input is provided and we prepare a complete set of Structural Document within a mutually agreed Turn Around Time.

Provided the client supplies us with the Building Codes, and other relevant structural details we do the following:

    • Noted floor plan
    • Dimensioned floor plan
    • Detailed and enlarged floor plan

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