3 reasons why AutoCAD still is the first choice for Architects?

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Till date AutoCAD is the obvious choice for all the architects. They are using this technology to get superior technical drawings for buildings or other constructions without the need of creating technical drawings manually.

Have a look at few reasons behind the popularity of AutoCAD over manual drafting method in architectural industry.

Ensure simple drafting process:

Gone are the days when CAD apps demanded huge amount of computing in the mammoth size computers. Today AutoCAD technique has largely made the operations smooth and simple and also is made highly optimized for personal computers thus allowing the architects to execute their projects from their home PCs.

Advanced features:

AutoCAD application has included several advanced techniques and tools in three dimensional modes that largely facilitate advanced modeling, analysis and also renderings. Various advanced applications or practices in AutoCAD technology have gained popularity that perfectly caters to the requirements of architects and other related professionals.

DWG files:

AutoCAD professionals use DWG as a standard file format which is now largely accepted as a standard for all CAD design as well as drafting work. According to industrial survey over one billion DWG files are functional across the whole world. Even though several other CAD apps are being existed in the present time like UNIX, Mac OSX programming, AutoCAD still dominated the architectural world and is still considered to be one of the most popular technologies.


In order to produce accurate drawings within fast turnaround time, group of skilled professionals are being effectively involved. For more accuracy, several companies have even outsourced AutoCAD drafting as well as designing services. They righty can complement the tasks of in-house team members of architectural firm allowing them to save money on overheads as well as costs of training.

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