Logiseek Inc. is a US Incorporated Company based in California


We provide a full range of support for all kinds of drafting. These range from 2d drafting which emphasize on precision with possible working details. This helps you to get precise working drawings which are simple and easy to understand for all levels of professionals in the industry. 3D rendering helps you to get the real simulation of object on the screen. Our expertise on this field helps you get the first hand feeling of the structure helping you get the best of it.

Raster to Vector drawings conversion help you to preserve your old drawings into digitized images which last for decades. Construction documents help you with all the paperwork required for a project to continue smoothly. Imagine being able to feel like on your screen your project with all visibility to the minutest details. This is our expertise on House Models, helping you to get the best output and the optimization of your land through Architectural 3D.Get the real stimulatory feeling of all the angle of your structure through Architectural 3D rendering, which help you to get visibility of your structure. Help visualize your building go aesthetically green through landscape Architecture.

Get all the information of the building at the click from our expert workout on Building Information Modeling, CAD work and house drafting. With an ability to help you get the best output in your thoughts and visualize the real factor challenges and overcome those. All manufactured items must bed designed and drafted before they are created. Our expertise on this helps you get the real minute details which help you to get the best output. We have some thing to offer to every industry ranging since our team experience in Drafting, Conversion to CAD and Technical drafting. Best output in fixed time frames. It is for sure that our range of experience will help you get the most satisfactory result.

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