Technique of Protecting Electronic Signatures in AutoCAD

2D Drafting

Do you know that you can create your digital signature on the drawings? Whosoever observes your drawing can easily identify you.  In the highly competitive business market that demands the security of your identification, you can easily encrypt your vital information so that only people with encryption key and password can view the drawings. That is not all. You also can easily decide what sections of drawings need to be protected by this encryption method.


Let’s now throw some more light on various techniques being adopted to protect e signature with the help of AutoCAD technology. First of all you have to get a digital ID. You have to create a digital identifying code for your computer through online digitalized validation tools. You have to select the one that is effectively being drawn for your CAD program successfully by searching digital identification through search engine.  After finding downloads for your program, you go on installing the digital identification info that your program needs.

This allows you to produce your digitalized signature that you can encrypt. You can gain access to the digital ID that you have acquired after you have downloaded it. For doing so you only have to access Security Options menu of AutoCAD program. Click on to the digitalized signature tab.

The next is effectively creating password. Just go to security options tab and click on the “Password” tab that is situated inside the dialog box. Encryption of drawing information is another important step that needs to be followed. You can do this by accessing the “Advanced Options” menu after setting your drawings’ password and then looked into encryption properties within security password tab.

Have a good time learning how to secure your digitalized signature with the help of AutoCAD drafting technique.

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